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medicaid planning for nursing home


You’re active and in relatively good health. You’re finally enjoying the things you now have time to do as a retiree – or looking forward to those days coming soon. The last thing you...
protect assets when spouse on medicaid

How to Protect Assets When Your Spouse Receives Medicaid

Many couples, in their golden years, find themselves wondering: What if one or both of them is admitted into a nursing home and needs Medicaid? After saving throughout their lives, they are fearful that if...
elder law

Elder Law: Representing the Whole Person

Elder law is an area of legal practice that is quickly growing as the population ages. The idea behind elder law is unique because it deals holistically with the whole person, rather than handling just...
give kids house if qualify for medicaid

Can I Give My Children the Home and Still Qualify for Medicaid?

Q: I want to give my home to my children now and yet continue living there for as long as possible. Will I still be eligible for Medicaid if I need nursing home care in...
financial abuse elder law

Why Are Elderly People Targets of Financial Abuse?

Approximately 7.3 million elderly Americans — or one in five over age 65 — have been the victims of financial abuse by family, friends, healthcare professionals, trusted advisors and even strangers, according to the Investor...
sibling abuse of elderly parent

What to Do if a Sibling Keeps You Away from Your Elderly Parent

Consider this scenario: Your elderly father begins to lose his mental capacity. He lives in his own home and is relatively well-off financially. Your sister is unemployed and moves in with your father. She pays...
take control of elder care

Take Control of a Loved One’s Care

The responsibility of arranging outside care for an elderly parent or disabled loved one may fall to you someday. It's not an easy task, but careful planning and consultations with specialists can ease the situation. The...
medicare premium write-off

Don’t Overlook Write-Offs for Medicare Premiums

Many seniors (and their families responsible for filing tax returns for them) have gotten into the habit of just claiming the standard deduction instead of itemizing. That's because seniors typically pay little or no mortgage...
long term care insurance deductible

Advantages of Qualified Long Term Care Insurance

Owners of qualified long-term care policies are eligible for some important federal income tax breaks. Here are the details of two benefits policy holders get from Uncle Sam. 1. Benefit Payments Are Usually Federal Income Tax-Free In...
long term care medicare

Important Issues You Should Know in Medicaid Planning

What's your worst financial nightmare? For many elderly people and their families, it's seeing a lifetime's worth of savings evaporate in a short period of time if one spouse, or both, is forced to move...