Tuesday, February 7, 2023


divorce and estate planning

Estate Planning After a Divorce

During a divorce proceeding, a couple or the court decides how to divide their assets and pay off their debts. The parties or the court also determines custody and child support issues if there are...
dividing assets in divorce

Dividing Assets – and Tax Bills – in Divorce

How assets are split up in a divorce depends largely on where the divorcing couple lives. The following nine states are community property states: California, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Idaho....
divorce and financial assets

5 Commonly Asked Financial Questions During Divorce

Divorce involves more than just heartbreak and hassle. Your life savings, financial security and future earnings are also at stake. Don't leave settlement of the marital estate to the discretion of your soon-to-be ex-spouse or...

9 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before You Get Divorced

Divorce is a painful, emotional experience, and without proper planning, it can also be a disastrous financial event. Once certain decisions are made involving your assets, there is no way to change them. Following...