Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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assisted living costs

Consider These Assisted Living Costs

In recent years, assisted living facilities have become a popular option for elderly people who don't need the level of care offered in a nursing home but need assistance with activities of daily living. To make...
nursing home rights

What are Your Rights as a Nursing Home Resident?

The stress of moving into a nursing home is great -- and it's compounded by the loss of freedom, dignity and privacy. Adding to the anxiety is the fact that people moving to an elder care...
assisted living community

Maintaining Some Independence through Assisted Living

Most elderly people don't need nursing homes, but many require help with daily activities. If providing that support isn't practical for family and friends, assisted living could be the answer. Assisted living facilities fall somewhere between...
senior housing options

Making the Right Senior Housing Choice

It's never an easy task to find senior housing for a relative, close friend or yourself. The decision is often the result of failing health and the search is frequently accompanied by a sense of...

How Can Mom or Dad Still Live at Home?

There may come a time when your parent is no longer safe living at home due to physical or emotional/social concerns. Instead of moving Mom or Dad to an assisted living or nursing home,...