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Elder Abuse

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Why Are Elderly People Targets of Financial Abuse?

Approximately 7.3 million elderly Americans — or one in five over age 65 — have been the victims of financial abuse by family, friends, healthcare professionals, trusted advisors and even strangers, according to the Investor...
sibling abuse of elderly parent

What to Do if a Sibling Keeps You Away from Your Elderly Parent

Consider this scenario: Your elderly father begins to lose his mental capacity. He lives in his own home and is relatively well-off financially. Your sister is unemployed and moves in with your father. She pays...
nursing home fraud

Nursing Home Fraud: Studies Expose a Little-Known Risk

Putting a loved one in a nursing home is one of life's hardest decisions. So you can imagine how devastating it is to discover that a trusted nursing home administrator has been forging a...
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Beware of Predatory Lenders

Older Americans have often built up one solid form of financial security -- equity in their homes. But they are often living on fixed incomes and unexpected expenses come up, such as costly home repairs, property...