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take control of elder care

Take Control of a Loved One’s Care

The responsibility of arranging outside care for an elderly parent or disabled loved one may fall to you someday. It's not an easy task, but careful planning and consultations with specialists can ease the situation. The...
respite caregiver

How to Choose the Appropriate Respite Caregiver

Respite care: Short-term services for elderly and disabled people so their primary caregivers get a break. Providing care for an aging parent or relative can be an all-consuming task, especially if it involves dealing with serious...
in-home care as tax deduction

When Can In-Home Care be Deducted as a Medical Expense?

The U.S. Tax Court provided some insight into the question of the deductibility of in-home care of a disabled individual. The case involved an elderly woman with dementia who stayed in her home with...
guardianship powers

What are the Powers of a Guardian?

When loved ones become mentally incapacitated they may need a court-appointed guardian to handle their personal health care and financial needs. That can be avoided if the individuals execute a durable power of attorney and a...